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Tantra Awareness Posted on 01 Jul, 2019 12:57

Expectations are normal and beautiful.

It all depends on where these expectations are anchored.

If they are anchored in natural human instinct then they will be stable.

If these expectations are anchored in mind based logic, then they will have an ever changing nature.

The tenacity of the natural human instinct to procreate gave rise to meditation.

Regarding sexuality, the driving force is from always from within.

The conflict is between instinct and mindsets.

The fact that we place a disproportionate value of taking care of what we have reproduced gave rise to yoga.

People can only live through their bodies and therefore they have to take care of “the own body” as much as they take care of everybody.

The fact that we have an omnipotent impulse to live an “in group” and have an “out group” gave rise to tantra.

We also know that intimacy is in abundance, that intimacy can not be created, there is no shortage …. it can only be shared.

In all ancient practices we have to wait till the outcome comes up instead of forcing an outcome.

Outcomes do pop up every few minutes of our lives.

There are lots and lots to learn, as in any deep practice.

A MEYOTRA course is a good start to get into it.

There is a constant in what will surface …. the constant is YOU!


Tantra Awareness Posted on 29 Jun, 2019 11:30

When two people meet they know in 2 seconds if they click, gel, flow or are not meant to spend time together.

Unfortunately we will not know how we knew. Is it a whim, is it a feeling, is it intuition, is it instinct or is it just mind chemicals?

Women have 4 steps in their ovulation / menstrual cycle. Ovulation itself, the time between ovulation and menstruation, the menstruation itself, the time between menstruation and the upcoming ovulation.

It even carries on way past menopause and it never leaves us. That rhythm stays forever.

Each step has it’s own rules of attraction. Yes, we know in two seconds about the quality of the attraction between us and others but sadly we won’t know how we knew and we are open to amazing misinterpretations.

There are simple basic ancient techniques that can hand us opportunities to live with awareness.

Contact us at Meyotra now.


Tantra Awareness Posted on 26 Jun, 2019 07:21

We can’t commit to a person as such. This isn’t possible as that person is not even remotely known to us. We commit to the beautiful natural human instinct in ourselves and in the person we are with.
No paper or law can make a relationship work. Therefore we can leave terms like monogamy or polygamy behind us.
In all people is an instinct to partner. This we can take as a fact. Something in them and us drives us to open up to the possibility to share with a partner.
My responsibility is not to think who she or he is, what she or he is and if she or he suits me. When I do that then I’m more a mind person and less an instinct person.
Being a mind person over an instinct person is empty and tiring. We can surely live first and then think.
If a partner wants to spend time with others because of her or his instinct then we can be happy. If a partner wants to spend time with others because of thinking that something is missing in her or his relationship then we can be angry.
I commit fully to the wise and beautiful instinct in both of us. God took a billion years to get us to meet. At least we can be respectful and open to many new things we don’t know and understand as yet.


Tantra Awareness Posted on 05 Jun, 2019 13:47

We were born and we will die.

That is the meaning of life.

Between these two poles lies a totally different reality.

This in-between reality is called aliveness.

Aliveness is a given fact that needs to be discovered.

How can we enter this aliveness reality?

Awareness allows us to enter the aliveness.

Awareness becomes a simple tool when we use simple techniques.

Meditation is a technique to observe.

Yoga is a technique to sense.

Tantra is a technique to share.

These three techniques hand you an opportunity to practice the inner smile.

Once you can smile at all in your life then you are alive.

When you experience life happening through you,

then your aliveness became visible and tangible.

Aliveness allow you to move beyond emotional attachment sexuality.

Aliveness allows you to move beyond procreation only sexuality.

Aliveness puts YOU back in all that you do.

Make use of simple techniques and live your life with a smile.


Tantra Awareness Posted on 31 May, 2019 13:50

To flow with something is quite easy. People sit and drink for hours and they just flow with what is happening around them.

There is another flow; to flow with what surfaces from within you. This flow is non-mind based, it is non-rational and it is non-thinking.

So, what is it then? It is more than your mind based reality, it is more than your perception of things and it is ahead of you. What surfaces from inside you is simple, clear and real. It is not subject to your thinking or awareness.

The beautiful part is that you have to live it first and then you can think about it. Just try it. Your natural instinct is super fast and your mind tries to catch up as the mind is super slow.

You can live from within and by doing that you can download all the latest data about yourself every moment of your life.

Haunted by what you find in you

Tantra Awareness Posted on 03 May, 2019 07:02

We as humans are haunted by what we find in us.

It is unheard of that an animal will wonder about its own instinct and existence.

Most people suffer from a clear lack of being able to express their procreation instinct clearly.

People are always on the search for ways to better themselves.

We can be haunted or enchanted by what we find in us.

This is especially true when it comes to making sense of the quest to understand partnering and sexuality.

To be enchanted by the life force in us requires an awakening and then a commitment to express that awakening in ourselves in the best way possible.

To be enchanted by all in us is the easy part of the process as it only requires a single moment.

To express your life truthfully and authentically is the gift/burden we have received.

Life offers us some guidelines on how to express ourselves clearly.

Some guidelines surface from deep inside and others we are forced to make up.

When the mindsets we have made up correspond with what surfaces from natural instinct in us, then we are spiritual.

We at Meyotra International School of Tantra will hand you opportunities to discover your own guidelines, to make your own experiences, to learn new skills and to apply them in your own unique way.


Vlogs Posted on 01 May, 2019 14:22


Tantra Awareness Posted on 29 Apr, 2019 12:27

The people who you bond with, they need to read the fibre of your soul. They can only observe that when you live your own unique craziness. It’s not about what you do but the “HAVE TO” part of the do. We have to keep doing from within. That allows people to read the way we have chosen to express our own unique way of being ALIVE. We have to share whatever “HAVE TO” is in us. People need to read all our pages, not only the nice ones that they prefer or choose to read. What is it you “HAVE TO” do today?

Not all about “HAVE TO” is perceived as amazing by ourselves and others. It is mostly perceived as too much, almost as if we have no say in it, as if we are a victim of what is in us. Most people give up on doing “HAVE TO” things as they want immediate mind based rewards and not long term natural instinctual benefits. The “HAVE TO” in us isn’t interested in how we feel that moment when we do it, it works in it’s own pace and manner as it has an overview of your whole life. The creator of the “HAVE TO” in you works the grand plan and you have received ample gifts, training and skills to do it. To co-create with her, the creator, the procreation instinct in us, that makes the magic in our lives. To choose someone to be the parent of your child takes commitment to instinctual procreation and you doing that essentially constitutes the concept of fulfilment.

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