The people who you bond with, they need to read the fibre of your soul. They can only observe that when you live your own unique craziness. It’s not about what you do but the “HAVE TO” part of the do. We have to keep doing from within. That allows people to read the way we have chosen to express our own unique way of being ALIVE. We have to share whatever “HAVE TO” is in us. People need to read all our pages, not only the nice ones that they prefer or choose to read. What is it you “HAVE TO” do today?

Not all about “HAVE TO” is perceived as amazing by ourselves and others. It is mostly perceived as too much, almost as if we have no say in it, as if we are a victim of what is in us. Most people give up on doing “HAVE TO” things as they want immediate mind based rewards and not long term natural instinctual benefits. The “HAVE TO” in us isn’t interested in how we feel that moment when we do it, it works in it’s own pace and manner as it has an overview of your whole life. The creator of the “HAVE TO” in you works the grand plan and you have received ample gifts, training and skills to do it. To co-create with her, the creator, the procreation instinct in us, that makes the magic in our lives. To choose someone to be the parent of your child takes commitment to instinctual procreation and you doing that essentially constitutes the concept of fulfilment.