We as humans are haunted by what we find in us.

It is unheard of that an animal will wonder about its own instinct and existence.

Most people suffer from a clear lack of being able to express their procreation instinct clearly.

People are always on the search for ways to better themselves.

We can be haunted or enchanted by what we find in us.

This is especially true when it comes to making sense of the quest to understand partnering and sexuality.

To be enchanted by the life force in us requires an awakening and then a commitment to express that awakening in ourselves in the best way possible.

To be enchanted by all in us is the easy part of the process as it only requires a single moment.

To express your life truthfully and authentically is the gift/burden we have received.

Life offers us some guidelines on how to express ourselves clearly.

Some guidelines surface from deep inside and others we are forced to make up.

When the mindsets we have made up correspond with what surfaces from natural instinct in us, then we are spiritual.

We at Meyotra International School of Tantra will hand you opportunities to discover your own guidelines, to make your own experiences, to learn new skills and to apply them in your own unique way.