We were born and we will die.

That is the meaning of life.

Between these two poles lies a totally different reality.

This in-between reality is called aliveness.

Aliveness is a given fact that needs to be discovered.

How can we enter this aliveness reality?

Awareness allows us to enter the aliveness.

Awareness becomes a simple tool when we use simple techniques.

Meditation is a technique to observe.

Yoga is a technique to sense.

Tantra is a technique to share.

These three techniques hand you an opportunity to practice the inner smile.

Once you can smile at all in your life then you are alive.

When you experience life happening through you,

then your aliveness became visible and tangible.

Aliveness allow you to move beyond emotional attachment sexuality.

Aliveness allows you to move beyond procreation only sexuality.

Aliveness puts YOU back in all that you do.

Make use of simple techniques and live your life with a smile.