We can’t commit to a person as such. This isn’t possible as that person is not even remotely known to us. We commit to the beautiful natural human instinct in ourselves and in the person we are with.
No paper or law can make a relationship work. Therefore we can leave terms like monogamy or polygamy behind us.
In all people is an instinct to partner. This we can take as a fact. Something in them and us drives us to open up to the possibility to share with a partner.
My responsibility is not to think who she or he is, what she or he is and if she or he suits me. When I do that then I’m more a mind person and less an instinct person.
Being a mind person over an instinct person is empty and tiring. We can surely live first and then think.
If a partner wants to spend time with others because of her or his instinct then we can be happy. If a partner wants to spend time with others because of thinking that something is missing in her or his relationship then we can be angry.
I commit fully to the wise and beautiful instinct in both of us. God took a billion years to get us to meet. At least we can be respectful and open to many new things we don’t know and understand as yet.