When two people meet they know in 2 seconds if they click, gel, flow or are not meant to spend time together.

Unfortunately we will not know how we knew. Is it a whim, is it a feeling, is it intuition, is it instinct or is it just mind chemicals?

Women have 4 steps in their ovulation / menstrual cycle. Ovulation itself, the time between ovulation and menstruation, the menstruation itself, the time between menstruation and the upcoming ovulation.

It even carries on way past menopause and it never leaves us. That rhythm stays forever.

Each step has it’s own rules of attraction. Yes, we know in two seconds about the quality of the attraction between us and others but sadly we won’t know how we knew and we are open to amazing misinterpretations.

There are simple basic ancient techniques that can hand us opportunities to live with awareness.

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