Expectations are normal and beautiful.

It all depends on where these expectations are anchored.

If they are anchored in natural human instinct then they will be stable.

If these expectations are anchored in mind based logic, then they will have an ever changing nature.

The tenacity of the natural human instinct to procreate gave rise to meditation.

Regarding sexuality, the driving force is from always from within.

The conflict is between instinct and mindsets.

The fact that we place a disproportionate value of taking care of what we have reproduced gave rise to yoga.

People can only live through their bodies and therefore they have to take care of “the own body” as much as they take care of everybody.

The fact that we have an omnipotent impulse to live an “in group” and have an “out group” gave rise to tantra.

We also know that intimacy is in abundance, that intimacy can not be created, there is no shortage …. it can only be shared.

In all ancient practices we have to wait till the outcome comes up instead of forcing an outcome.

Outcomes do pop up every few minutes of our lives.

There are lots and lots to learn, as in any deep practice.

A MEYOTRA course is a good start to get into it.

There is a constant in what will surface …. the constant is YOU!