Workshop Description:
Experience learn and practice tantra techniques to become a professional Tantra practitioner.

Date: 8 November to 6 December in INDIA : Goa.

The Alegraluz International School of Tantra … Tantric Teacher Training programme offers you the business know-how regarding tantra teaching skills, of practical Tantric massage experiences and how to be the successful Professional Tantra Practitioner you always wanted to be.

The unique combination of experiencing tantra and learning tantra techniques allow you to grow into the tantra professional you always knew you could be. After this tantra teacher training course you will be able to conduct your own tantra workshops and you will have the skills to work with clients on a personal one-to-one basis.

  • Intensive Tantra Workshop over 7 Days
  • Professional Tantric Massage Training over Days
  • Training to assist in and present Tantra workshops over 5 Days
  • The philosophy, history and directions in Tantra over 5 Days
  • Business Training, Exams, Thesis 5 over Days

Total discounted cost when all courses are taken together during the one month period:

  • If payment is received in Spain by 1 Sept, then the cost is only 35000 euro
  • If payment is received in Spain by 1 Oct, then the cost is 4000 euro
  • If payment is received in Spain by 31 October, then the cost is 4500 euro
  • If payment is received in India by 7 November, then the cost is 5000 euro

Discounts for couples might apply. Enquire now!
Open to all adults … women, men, singles and couples.
Shared basic accommodation and meals available as an extra. Accommodation charges are not included in the fees listed. Book early to avoid disappointment as space is limited.

Do you want to participate? Write us an email NOW.